Art Museum Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Abraham, Shirley Volunteer
Asher-Dorsey, Maureen Volunteer
Barnes, Eileen Volunteer
Beach, Lois Volunteer
Bodrogi, Emmy Volunteer
Brandell, Anne Volunteer
Brockhues, Jill Ann Volunteer
Brogowski, Constance Volunteer
Buchanan, Dorothy Volunteer
Carlsen, Linda Volunteer
Cassone, Jacqueline Volunteer
Coughlin, Donna Volunteer
DeLong, Melody Secretary 1
Dufort, Mary Volunteer
Durkee, Betsy Volunteer
Early, Walter Museum Preparator
Esposito, Cecilia Director of Art Galleries
Felty, Katherine Volunteer
Fesette, Judith Volunteer
Green, Rhoda Volunteer
Heins, Evelyn Volunteer
Heyman, Ellen Volunteer
Ireland, Mary Volunteer
Kie, Beverly Volunteer
Kintz, Fernande Volunteer
Klein, Mary Jane Volunteer
Kneussle, Deanna Volunteer
Lacki, Cynthia Volunteer
Lashua, Sandra Volunteer
LeClair, Rebecca Preparator Assistant
Lowery, Carol Volunteer
Maddox, Sandra Volunteer
Mazur, Joy Volunteer
McGill, Penelope Volunteer
Morlock, Henry Faculty Emeriti
Morlock, Henry Volunteer
Parks, Linda Volunteer
Parody, Charles Volunteer
Prothin, Arlette Volunteer
Ritterhausen, Barbara Volunteer
Russell, Judy Volunteer
Seiferth, Edith Volunteer
Smith, Marian Volunteer
Tanner, Louise Volunteer
Towne, Brenda Volunteer
Trienens, Marilyn Volunteer
Witkowski, Catherine Volunteer
Zeglis, Margot Volunteer