Teacher Education, Graduate MSEd Program Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Ackland, Robert acklanrt@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Charland, Ashley atyo001@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Countermine, Bradley bcoun001@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Dandrow, Lori ldand001@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Hunt, Jean Ann huntja@plattsburgh.edu Program Leader, Literacy Ed
Hunt, Jean Ann huntja@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Iasevoli, David diase001@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Iasevoli, David diase001@plattsburgh.edu Program Leader, MST & Learn Prg
Martin, Melissa mmart055@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
McCarty, Cynthia mccartca@plattsburgh.edu Prog Leader, Ungd/MSEd Sp Ed
McCarty, Cynthia mccartca@plattsburgh.edu Lecturer
Parks-Recore, Lora park1135@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Petrashune, Jolie petr9515@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Schnackenberg, Heidi schnachl@plattsburgh.edu Professor/Coordinator
Simms, Andrea asimm005@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
Yu, Yong yyu001@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor/Chair