Expeditionary Studies Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Brown, Barry brownba@plattsburgh.edu Sea Kayak Instructor and Manager
Citrin, Tyler tcitr001@plattsburgh.edu Volunteer
Daley, Matt mdale005@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Deutschman, William deutscwa@plattsburgh.edu Volunteer
Gibney, Samuel sgibn002@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Haight, Lucas lhaig001@plattsburgh.edu Volunteer
Hayes, Ryan rhaye002@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Henley, Casey henleycg@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
Henley, Sarah henleys@plattsburgh.edu Coord of Odyssey Fresh Adv Prog
Isaak, Gerald gisaa002@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor/Chair
Kulich, George gkuli001@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Maynard, Steven maynars@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
O'Conner, Robert rocon002@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Technical Instructor
Rice, Bridget brice002@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Rist, Marie mrist002@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader
Trzepkowski, Jonathan jtrze001@plattsburgh.edu Odyssey Leader