History Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Alexander, Ryan ralex006@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Beaudreau, Sylvie beaudrsm@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Carey, Vincent careyvp@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Gordon, Wendy gordonwm@plattsburgh.edu Professor/Chair
Hornibrook, Jeff hornibjh@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Jarvis, Nicolle jarvisne@plattsburgh.edu Secretary 1
Kroll, Gary krollgm@plattsburgh.edu Professor/Chair
Lindgren, James lindgrjm@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Neuhaus, Jessamyn neuhauj@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Richard, Mark richarmp@plattsburgh.edu Professor
Schaefer, Richard schaefr@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Shemo, Connie shemoca@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor