Library (Feinberg) Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Beatty, Joshua Associate Librarian
Bruce, Cynthia Secretary 1
Burgess, Michael Special Collections Associate
De la Chapelle, Anne Adjunct Asst Librarian Instruction
Facteau, Ethel Library Clerk 3
Hartnett, Timothy Associate Librarian
Hoshimi, Margaret Volunteer
Kimok, Debra Associate Librarian
Menard, Judy Adjunct Assistant Librarian
Muir, Gordon CD&D Unit Coord/Associate Librarian
O'Hara, Elin IRS Unit Coord/Associate Librarian
O'Mara, Parker Acquisitions Specialist
Patrick, David Volunteer
Paulson, Anne Adjunct Assistant Librarian
Pollard, Gordon Instructional Support Assistant
Rock, Lynn Library Clerk 3
Rowland, Anne Associate Librarian
Strack, Darlene Library Clerk 2
Su, Mila Associate Librarian
Thiede, Malina Reference and Instruction Librarian
Toth, Michelle Associate Librarian
Trombly, Diane Library Clerk 2
Volkman, Karen Associate Librarian