Political Science Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Carman, Raymond rcarm002@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
Drennan, Christopher cdren001@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Lake, Daniel dlake001@plattsburgh.edu Associate Professor
Mandeville, Thomas mandevtr@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Manzi, Lucia lmanz002@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
McMahon, John jmcma004@plattsburgh.edu Assistant Professor
Ruzow Holland, Ann hollanah@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Schantz, Harvey schanthl@plattsburgh.edu Professor/Chair
Southwick, Nicholas nsout001@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer
Studebaker, Forrest studebfe@plattsburgh.edu Adjunct Lecturer