Psychology Staff Directory

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Name E-mail Address Title
Bator, Renee Professor
Braje, Wendy Associate Professor
Brannigan, Gary Professor
Bremser, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Bremser, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Brown, Tyler Graduate Assistant
Charette, Laci Associate Professor
Crosier, Benjamin Adjunct Lecturer
Dillon, Haley Adjunct Lecturer
Dunham, Katherine Associate Professor/Co-Chair
Durant, Richard Assistant Professor
Egan, Patricia Associate Professor
Fisher, Kimberly Adjunct Lecturer
Gaeddert, William Adjunct Professor
Glushko, Karen Adjunct Lecturer
Grabbe, Jeremy Associate Professor
Hogan, Julie Adjunct Lecturer
Janetti, Joseph Adjunct Lecturer
Laporte, Kenna Adjunct Lecturer
Leclair, Pamela Program Aide
Mansfield, J Stephen Professor
Martino, Andrea Adjunct Lecturer
McCarthy, Tracie Adjunct Lecturer
Moquin, Kristina Adjunct Lecturer
Morales, Michael Associate Professor/Co-Chair
Perez, Antonio Adjunct Lecturer
Phillips, Dale Associate Professor
Ross, Steven Adjunct Lecturer
Sturman, Edward Associate Professor
Titherington, Sarah Adjunct Lecturer
Tooke, William Professor
Trunck, Sadie Lecturer
Vanderhoff, Donna Secretary 1