Cardinal Cloud Email Migration

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Welcome to the Plattsburgh State email migration sign-up. This site provides an automated "Self-Service" process to migrate your campus email account over to the new Cardinal Cloud Google Apps platform. The process is simple and will only take a few moments to begin.

Once the process is started it can take several hours to complete but it will all happen in the background and you can begin using Cardinal Cloud almost immediately. During the migration process your old email messages will be imported to Cardinal Cloud in the order they were received starting from the most recent.

You will receive an email from the CSDS Helpdesk upon completion.

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Important Notes:

Please review these notes before migrating.

Information about forwards

Forwarding for Students/Alumni

Some students have asked about the ability to forward campus email to other email accounts. The forwarding option in Cardinal Cloud is now turned on, but we strongly encourage you to leave this feature off and keep your email delivered directly to your SUNY Plattsburgh Cardinal Cloud account.
Forwarding is not a good idea because students who forward their email will lose all support from our Helpdesk and will be on their own should they encounter any email delivery problems or have external account questions.

Forwarding for Faculty/Staff

Forwarding email from Cardinal Cloud has been disabled for faculty and staff. Forwarding is turned off to meet provisions in the HIPAA and FERPA guidelines that the campus must follow. Leaving your campus email in Cardinal Cloud keeps student and institution data safe from data-mining; provides a clean feature rich interface with no-ads and up 30 GB of email/file storage (most personal accounts offer 8gb or less). Most people forward their email so they can read it all in one place, if you would like to do that, we recommend that you forward your other personal accounts into your Plattsburgh account.

Client Set-Up (Optional)

The best way to connect to Cardinal Cloud is to use the application at However if you use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to read email or if you currently use a PC client like Outlook you will need to re-configure the clients to work with the new Cardinal Cloud system. Signatures can be easily added into the Cardinal Cloud email application but are not migrated through this process.

Will we contact you?

We will contact via an email every user that begins the migration process and indicates that they use an email client. We want to make sure that these users were able to complete the migration process and receive mail as expected.